Preparing for the Arrival of Movers

There are many stories of hassle-free moves, but there are just as many stories outlining horror stories when moving. The overall experience of your move is dependent on the moving company you choose as well as your preparation before the day of your move. To help you have a good experience, let’s look at some of the ways you can prepare for movers and eliminate some of the hassle and stress.


Lightening your load is one important step that many homeowners often neglect. Moving into a new home will require organization, and packing clutter slows down the process and makes organizing items more difficult. If you find items that do not work, are no longer used, or no longer wanted, consider donating or selling them.

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Inventory Your Items

When you’re working with moving companies st. petersburg fl residents should make an inventory of their items. This allows you to keep an eye on where everything is and make sure that all of your belongings are packed and accounted for. It also lets you know when items are damaged or missing – you can also list serial numbers just in case anything needs to be claimed or replaced.

Pack Small Items

If your home is filled with small items, you may be able to keep them together by using sealable bags. It is recommended that homeowners do this even if they plan on getting professional packing services, allowing you to keep track of all of your items. Desk organizers, souvenirs, jewelry, and decorations may slow down movers if they have to sort through these items while packing your home’s belongings.

You can have a stress-free moving experience as long as you prepare well before the date of your move. Declutter the home, make an inventory of your items, and do some pre-packing before movers arrive to make your moving day go smoothly.