Tips For Protecting Your Plumbing

Back in the early days of modern civilization man used out houses and other means to dispose of their waste.  When larger cities were constructed and the population began to grow, new and more innovative ways to dispose of the waste were needed.  This need gave rise to the age of modern plumbing.  With modern plumbing a system was needed to collect and process this waste.  This was the development of the sewer system. 

As the name suggest the sewer system is where we store our waste.  However, this system needs to be maintained.  Sewer line replacement Neptune Beach is one of the many jobs and responsibilities that this industry has taken on.  To help support them, here are some tips that you can follow at home.

Sewer line replacement Neptune Beach

Flush only what’s flushable

This may seem like a commonsense statement, however, many people will just flush items down the toilet simply out of laziness or just not caring.  When we flush items such as diapers, wipes, rags and other items they can quickly become stuck in the sewer lines.  When this happens, maintenance workers will need to go down into the sludge and unclog the lines. 

If your lines are broken call for help immediately

In some situation you may encounter where a line has busted.  In this case sewage and other biomatter will be released.  In this situation you need to cover your mouth, avoid the area and contact the city right away.  They will give you further instruction as to what to do before they can send out a cleanup crew.

Don’t let lines freeze

If you live in the north, you will want to make sure that your lines don’t freeze.  The same can be said for anywhere that may not be rated for cold weather.  If the pipes and lines freeze, they can crack when they thaw.  This can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions.